After having reinvented the Tea Dance concept, since 1998, djPiiit invites you to join him at the "Ballroom".
"Ballroom" (for ballroom dancing, like waltz, tango, chacha, salsa,...) leads couples of every ages and style to meet on the the dancefloor. You'll be seduced by timeless melodies from times long lost. And if you don't have a partner, this is the ideal opportunity to find one!
The tea dance is a "universal" concept, working for everyone. On the dancefloor, you'll meet a complete mixcity
of couples, ages and styles. The musical colour is
close to what our grand parents used to dance to:
waltz, tango, cha cha, rock'n'roll, salsa,...
Most of the songs will remind a hapy memor
to everyone of us (young or older) because
we've all listened or heard one of them someday.
A smooth and happy time traveling in a way!

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